Wellness Comes In Many Forms

PACU Nurse Albena Nasseva, RN (pictured), understands the value of keeping herself in good shape. Not just physically – but also spiritually and emotionally. She points to music and dance as two of the ways she maintains her wellness. “I went through a difficult time many years ago,” she says, “and one day I decided: it was time to take care of my soul. So, I set aside my shyness and stepped onto the dance floor. And I discovered that dancing – and the music and the human touch behind it – allowed me to let loose and forget my worries for awhile. It became very therapeutic.” Albena also noted that dancing has led her to some amazing relationships with people she might never have met. Perhaps this is why Albena is such a treasured PACU Nurse. She understands the value and power of human touch and bonding, and she shares that with her patients.