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Welcome to MyCareCorner – Your Hospital Patient Portal

MyCareCorner is your new and improved patient portal.  The new portal took effect on November 1st. See our brochure.
The MyCareCorner portal, your health via your computer or on the go with the mobile app, is an interactive user interface that bring your health data to life and promotes a collaborative approach to care.

What does this mean for our current and new patients?

If you have already set up a portal, by signing in you will be redirected to the MyCareCorner portal. Once there, follow the instructions. All new patients will receive information when registering at Copley.  See our patient guide for logging into MyCareCorner.

The following videos provide sign-in information as well as how to register a family member:

How to Sign In and Use the Patient Portal

How to add Family Member to a Registered Account

Once you have set up your “MyCareCorner” portal you will access the portal for future use by going directly to the MyCareCorner site at

MyCareCorner will provide you with your health information and more.


To Enroll In Your Patient Portal

  • At the hospital or practice registration desk (where you “check-in”), ask the registrar to activate your Patient Portal.
  • You will be sent an email with a link to the patient portal (hospital or physician practice portal) and directions on how to set your password.
  • Click on the link, follow the directions to set your password.
  • Log out of the portal.
  • Now activated, you can click on the links below to reach your patient portals.

Questions About Your Patient Portal?

Check out our Patient Portals FAQs or call the following:
* if you are a patient of Mansfield Orthopaedics and having portal issues call 802-888-8405;
* if you are a patient of The Women’s Center and having portal issues call 802-888-8100;
* all other calls contact Medical Records at 802-888-8362.

Please note that your medical record may consist of electronic and paper documentation. Only electronic documentation is available through your patient portal.

For access to paper documentation in your Medical Record, or for assistance with your patient portal, please contact Medical Records at 802-888-8362.

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