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Hospital Patient Portal – (MyCareCorner)

Records from your Hospital Stay

The Copley Hospital Patient Portal offers convenient, 24/7 online access to documents from the Hospital.

Sign-up today and access:
  • Inpatient Stay Records
  • Emergency Department Visits
  • Procedures
  • Medications/Allergies
  • Lab and Test Results
  • Discharge Instructions
  • Patient Education

Physician Practices Patient Portal (Healow)

Records for your Personal Physician

The Copley Hospital Physician Practices Patient Portal offers convenient, 24/7 online access to documents from your provider’s office. Sign-up today and access records from Cardiology, General Surgery, The Women’s Center, Mansfield Orthopaedics, and Urology.

Records include:
  • Summaries & Upcoming Appointments
  • Medications/Allergies
  • Lab Results
  • Correspond with Your Healthcare Team
  • Patient Education Information

Welcome to Your Hospital Patient Portal


At Copley Hospital, we have two portals; a Hospital Portal “MyCareCorner” and a Physician Practice Portal “Healow”. Both portals offer convenient, 24/7 on-line access to your health information.

MyCareCorner portal has your hospital health record which you can access via your computer or on the go with the mobile app. It is an interactive user interface that brings your health data to life and promotes a collaborative approach to care.

Please see our brochure for assistance in setting up your portal once you receive the email. See our brochure.

Once you have set up your MyCareCorner portal you may access the portal for future use by going directly to the MyCareCorner site or using the mobile app.

See our videos to help with sign-in information as well as how to register a family member:

How to Sign In and Use the Patient Portal
How to add Family Member to a Registered Account

Welcome to Your Physician Portal


Our Physician Practice Portal serves patients of Copley-owned practices including:

  • Copley Hospital Multi-Specialty Clinic: Cardiology, General Surgery and Neurology
  • Mansfield Orthopaedics
  • The Women’s Center at Copley

Getting Started

At the time of registration, a Copley Hospital or Practice registrar will ask you to provide an email, or confirm the email address you have on file. You will receive an invite to sign up/sign in to view your health record or test results. Once you are signed on you can set up your portal.

Questions About Your Patient Portal?

If you experience issues with signing into your Hospital Portal “MyCareCorner” call 802.888.8362.

For issues with your Practice Portal “Healow” call the following:

  • Cardiology call 802-888-8344; General Surgery or Neurology call 802-888-8372
  • Mansfield Orthopaedics: 802-521-5220
  • The Women’s Center: 802.888.8100

Please note that your medical record may consist of electronic and paper documentation. Only electronic documentation is available through your patient portal.

For access to paper documentation in your Medical Record, or for assistance with your patient portal, please contact Medical Records at 802.888.8362.