Community Resources

Helping You Make Healthy Choices

Copley Hospital may be a small hospital, but it is a big part of our community. And as one of the largest year-round employers in the area, we encourage our employees to use these same tools and resources.

We do this by teaching and offering healthy choices and encouraging wellness throughout our community.

Have questions? Please contact our Wellness Center with your wellness-related questions.

Community Events + Programs

At Copley, community wellness takes many different forms. From birthing classes to flu vaccine clinics, to healthy living workshops, Copley Hospital’s Wellness Center provides a variety of health improvement services to help people of all ages personally manage their health. We work with area businesses to design programs to motivate healthier lifestyles for employees and provide a healthier workforce for employers.

For upcoming events and programs, visit our Classes and Events page.

Wellness Classes + Presentations

We regularly hold classes, demonstrations, workshops, and one-on-one and group coaching sessions. Schools, businesses, and community organizations book us for on-site presentations. Call us and we will be happy to customize a presentation to meet your needs.

Support Groups

Check our calendar of classes and events for ongoing and upcoming support groups.

Partnering for a Healthier Community

Copley collaborates with area organizations dedicated to improving the health of our community.

Additional Resources

Vermont 211

Dial 2-1-1 from anywhere in Vermont for information on health and human service organizations in your community. Available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Medical Encyclopedias + Dictionaries

Resources and tutorials to help you navigate “Medspeak,” the specialized language or “shorthand” of health professionals.

Resources for Health Consumers

A-Z Listing of Community Resources



  • Domestic violence 24-hr Hotline: 800-228-7395
  • Sexual assault 24-hr Hotline: 800-489-7273
  • Clarina Howard Nichols Center; Battered Women’s Services and Shelter 802-888-5256




  • AIDS Hotline: 800-882-2437
  • Vermont Cares: 802-371-6222 or 802-748-6802


Alzheimer’s Disease

  • 24 Hour Helpline: 800-272-3900
  • Support Group, Lamoille Home Health & Hospice 802-888-4651




  • Grief Support Group, Lamoille Home Health & Hospice: 802-888-4651
  • Copley Hospital Interfaith Chaplain: 802-888-8112
  • Hospice and Palliative Care Council of Vermont: 802-229-0579
  • Hospice Volunteer Services: 802-888-4651


Brain Injury

  • Copley Hospital Rehabilitation Services – Brain Injury – 802-888-8303
  • Division of Disability and Aging Services – Traumatic Brain Injury Program: 802-241-1456
  • Brain Injury Association of Vermont: For information on support groups call 1-877-856-1772
  • Disability Rights Vermont: 802-229-1355


  • Breast Feeding Support Group 802-888-4651
  • Copley Hospital Birthing Center 802-888-8100
  • Lactation Consultation and Breastfeeding Support: 802-888-4470
  • La Leche League of Central Vermont: 802-244-7416 or 802-223-0873
  • Vermont Department of Health 802-863-7333


Celiac Disease

  • Central Vermont Celiac Support Group: 802-888-4494
  • CSA Celiac Support Group of Vermont (Fairfax): 802-527-0224


Domestic Violence

  • Domestic violence 24-hr Hotline: 800-228-7395
  • Sexual assault 24-hr Hotline 800-489-7273
  • Clarina Howard Nichols Center; Battered Women’s Services and Shelter 802-888-5256
  • AWARE (Hardwick) 802-472-6463
  • Sexual Assault Crisis Hotline 1-800-489-7273

Down Syndrome

  • Down Syndrome Network of Vermont: 802-223-0113


  • Epilepsy Foundation of Vermont: 802-775-1686


  • Cambridge Food Shelf 802-644-8911
  • Johnson Food Shelf 802-635-9003
  • Lamoille Community Food Share 802-888-6550
  • Vermont FoodBank Wolcott Branch 802-4672-8280
  • Women, Infants, Children (WIC) 802-888-7447

Gay and Lesbian Adoptive and Foster Families

  • Casey Family Services, Burlington: 802-655-6688

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren



  • HIV InSite – comprehensive and up-to-date information on HIV/AIDS treatment, prevention and policy from the University of California San Francisco



Independent Living


Medical options for Vermonters

Mental Health

  • Lamoille County Mental Health Services 802- 888-5026
  • Mobile Crisis Team@ 802.888.5026 / Evenings & Weekends 802.888.4231
  • Vermont Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health 800.639.6071
  • Vermont Psychiatric Survivors 800.564.2106

Family Members with Mental Illness

  • NAMI – Central Vermont: 802.223.3376
  • Early Childhood & Family Mental Health Program 802.888.4914

Multiple Sclerosis

  • National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Vermont Office: 802.864.6356
  • Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, Colchester, Vermont: 802.899.3367
  • Multiple Sclerosis Association of America: 800.532.7667
  • Northern New England Multiple Sclerosis Center: 802.847.4589


  • Narcotics Anonymous (24 hour hotline): 802-773-5575
  • Vermont Cares: 802-371-6222 or 802-748-6802


  • Lamoille Family Center 802.888.5229
  • Lamoille Valley Building Bright Futures 802.760.0155
  • DCF/Family Services Division Morrisville 802.888.4576
  • Early Head Start (prenatal to age 3) 802.888.4993 or 800.575.3322
  • Head Start (birth to age 5) 802.888.7993
  • Adoptive Parents w/ Challenging Children – Casey Family Services 802.244.1408 / Toll Free: 800.244.1408
  • Mothers of Preschoolers
  • Nurturing Fathers: 802.498.0611 or 800-children
  • Nurturing Parenting Program for Families in Substance Abuse Recovery 802.498.0611 or 800-children
  • Parents of Teens (Youth Service Bureau) 802.229.9151
  • Parenting Together 800-children
  • Vermont Family Network

Parkinson’s Disease

  • Copley Hospital Rehabilitation [link to Rehabilitation pg] – Big and Loud Program 802.888.8303
  • American Parkinson’s Disease Association, Vermont Chapter 802.847.3366
  • Central Vermont Parkinson’s Support Group 802.496.6768

Playgroups for Children


  • The Women’s Center [link to Ob/Gyn pg] at Copley Hospital 802.888.8100
  • Planned Parenthood 888.3077

Senior/Older Adult

NIH Senior Health– basic health and wellness information for older adults from the National Institutes of Health

Resources for Seniors in Vermont – helpful resources for aging adults and their families

Financial Resources for Seniors

Emergency Housing


Stroke Support

Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse Treatment, Housing, and Recovery Support Residential Treatment

Alcohol & Substance Awareness Program (ASAP)

802.888.3102; pager: 802.250.1447
(Short-term detox for people in crisis)

Oasis House

Hyde Park, VT, 802-851-8368
Mobile Crisis Team at 802.888.5026 / Evenings & Weekends: 802.888.4231
(psychiatric crisis stabilization program)

Brattleboro Retreat

Anna Marsh Lane, Brattleboro, VT 05301
1.800.738.7328 Fax- 802.258.3791
(Adult Residential/Detox and Co-occurring)

Serenity House

98 Church Street, PO Box 207, Wallingford, VT 05773
(Adult Residential)

Valley Vista

23 Upper Plain, Bradford, VT 05032
(Residential for Women & Adolescents)

Maple Leaf Farm

10 Maple Leaf Rd., Underhill VT 05489
(Adult Residential)

Outpatient Treatment Programs & Medication-Assisted Therapy Lamoille County

Behavioral Health & Wellness Center (A, O, PC)

Washington Highway, Morrisville
(802) 888.8320

North Central Vermont (RC)

275 Brooklyn Street, Morrisville
(802) 851.8120

Treatment Associates (OP, IOP)

65 Portland Street, Morrisville
(802) 888.0079

Vermont Cares – Mobile Van

Free Syringe Services & Harm Reduction Program
1st Monday of every Month, 10 am-12 noon
at Morristown Rescue Building, 539 Washington Hwy
(802) 371.6222 or (802) 748.6802


  • Vermont Suicide Prevention Center 802.254.6590

Weight Control

  • Overeaters Anonymous
  • Johnson – 802-888-5958
  • Morrisville – 802-888-2356 or 802-888-5958
  • Take Off Pounds Sensibly (TOPS): 802-782-4494

Women’s Health

  • Ladies First (Women’s Health Care) 802-888-7447
  • Post-Partum depression: 802-479-4200