Oncology, Cancer Care + Infusion

Copley Hospital and Central Vermont Medical Center (CVMC) have partnered to provide medical oncology care and outpatient infusion services for adults with cancer and blood-related diseases.

Oncologist/hematologist David Ospina, MD sees patients as needed at his Berlin office and works closely with Copley’s Oncology team for your regular cancer care to take place on-site at Copley. Twice a month, Dr. Ospina is at Copley seeing patients.

Copley’s Oncology staff offers a team of expertly trained oncology and hematology specialists, high-tech diagnostics, and private, comfortable treatment rooms. You receive intimate, personal care, both physically and emotionally, from staff that’s like an extended family.

Physical + Emotional Support from Your Healthcare Team

Emotional support is essential for patients and their families affected by a cancer diagnosis. Copley’s team of support includes the oncologist, advanced practice nurse, registered nurses, social worker and chaplain.

  • Coordination of services such as home health services in the surrounding communities
  • Emotional support for patients and their families

Our ability to provide high-quality cancer care is supported by a multidisciplinary team at Copley Hospital including pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, emergency and inpatient services.

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Mon – Fri 7:30 am – 4:00 pm


Copley Hospital
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David Ospina, MD
Laura Labow, APRN
Barbara Matarazzo, APRN

Private Treatment Rooms

The outpatient clinic offers private treatment rooms equipped with comfortable recliners and televisions with access to a refrigerator and dining services from our cafe. We encourage you to have family and friends join you during your chemotherapy treatment as our visitor policy allows.

Oncology + Hematology Services provided include:

  • Chemotherapy and immunotherapy for most cancer diagnoses
  • Collaborate/coordinate care with other hospitals, allowing you to receive chemotherapy and supportive care closer to home
  • Assess, diagnose, and treat symptoms related to disease and secondary to treatment
  • Education regarding disease, treatments and potential side effects

Conditions treated include:

Our team cares for all cancers; from breast, lung, and thyroid to colon, kidney, and more.

Infusion Therapy Services

Copley’s infusion services are offered five days per week treating conditions resulting from oncology, surgical, prenatal/hyperemesis and other illnesses.

Infusion Services provided include:

  • Daily antibiotics
  • Iron infusions/Anemia
  • Blood Transfusions
  • IV Hydrations
  • Allergy Shots