Medical Records

Your medical record is a collection of information about you and the health care you’ve received. It is updated each time you see a healthcare professional.

To Request a Copy of Your Medical Record

Please contact our Health Information Management (HIM) at 802.888.8352.

Request a Copy or Transfer Your Medical Record

We require a signed authorization from you or your legal representative to provide a copy of your medical records or release them to another medical facility or practice.

To request your medical records, please fill out the Patient Request for Health Information Authorization Form.

Request for Amendment to the Medical Record

You have the right to request an amendment to your medical record if you believe the information is incorrect or incomplete. The amendment would include the information you believe is in error, and your proposed corrections to that information.

To request an amendment to your medical information, please fill out the Request for Amendment to the Medical Records form in its entirety.

Links to both forms are located in the Downloadable Resources box. You may mail, fax or deliver the form and any supporting documentation in person.

Patient Portal

Copley Hospital’s Patient Portal provides you with safe, secure online access to your medical records.

For access, you need to activate your patient portals.

Please note that parts of your medical record that are on paper may not be available via your patient portal. Only electronic documentation is available through the patient portal.


Your Medical Record

Your medical record typically includes your medical history, details about your lifestyle (i.e. smoking, competitive athlete, etc.), and family medical history. Results of laboratory tests, screenings and other procedures are included along with medications prescribed and any allergies you may have.

Your medical record may consist of both paper and electronic documentation. Your electronic medical records may be referred to as your Electronic Health Record (EHR).

Your medical record/EHR contains protected health information. Copley Hospital follows the Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which sets a national standard for the privacy of health information. HIPAA applies only to medical records maintained by health care providers and health plans.

All medical records/EHRs of Copley Hospital patients, regardless of whether they are created at, or received by, Copley, are the property of Copley Health Systems, Inc. The information contained in your Medical Record/EHR is available to you or your legal representative.

From Our Happy Patients

Our HIM team serves both members of the community, primary care providers, and specialists to ensure the timely receipt of patient health information. They maintain strict confidentiality. These comments from a recent customer satisfaction survey reflect the outstanding service they provide. Comments above.