Friends of Copley Program

Community members who have been asked, or who wish, to serve as Friends of Copley play an important role in the operation of Copley Hospital by ensuring the needs of the constituencies we serve are both heard and remain at the forefront of policy and operational decision making.

Friends of Copley (FOC) bring out the best in our community hospital by:

  • Helping Copley maintain its commitment to transparency, accountability, and community governance. FOCs are often the front line of communication between the hospital and the communities Copley Hospital serves.
  • Using their expertise and life experiences to offer advice, information, and recommendations to help Copley continue to provide exceptional care with a community focus.
  • Engaging with friends, acquaintances, business people, and others to collect feedback on how well Copley is meeting our communities’ needs. The varying demographics we serve have quite different needs and we need to know what we are doing well and where we need to improve.

As a Friend of Copley, you’ll be invited to participate in special programs, projects, and committees where your interests and expertise may be of value. You’ll also receive exclusive, in-house publications and communications that highlight both staff and organizational achievements, awards, and other proprietary information.

Semi-annually, we’ll ask you to join us at a special meeting where you can share your thoughts, observations, and any feedback you’ve collected. We also meet at the annual board meeting in January. You will also have direct access to our Manager of Volunteer Services to share any concerns, comments, and ideas you may have. Finally, we will depend on you to recommend others within our service area whom you feel would make strong Friends of Copley.

Help us help the communities that depend on us.

To become a Friend of Copley, please contact Samantha Diaz, Manager of Volunteer Services, directly at 802-888-8125 or at