Seeking Volunteers: Connecting the Skillsets Within our Communities to Copley’s Mission of Exceptional Care and Superior Service By Samantha Diaz

The warmer months are here and as more community events pop up around town I am reminded and heartened by the consistent compassion, teamwork, and dedication the people of this community have for one another. And it makes me want to bring those same qualities into the hallways, reception areas, and all around the hospital at Copley as we rebuild our volunteer program.

Covid-19 took a big toll on the Vermont workforce, and that included the number of volunteers who could lend their important and much needed services to our busy hospital. Out of an understandable abundance of caution, volunteers waited out the pandemic at home rather than risk bringing the virus into the hospital or, possibly, bringing it back home to their families. Now that the pandemic is better understood and managed, we are actively inviting volunteers – both new and experienced ones – back to Copley Hospital. And as we rebuild our volunteer force, our focus will be on matching skills and interests with jobs that are both meaningful and supportive to the departments that need their help.

Copley Hospital is unlike any place I have ever worked.  As its new Manager of Volunteer Services, I am so excited about finding opportunities for community members of all ages to share their expertise in whatever ways they can. That’s partly because there is a lot to do around here and partly because I know how rewarding and satisfying it can be to feel like you’re contributing to something special. And Copley Hospital is most definitely something special.

While rebuilding our volunteer program will take some time, I am already seeing great results. Our surrounding communities are not only filled with extremely talented people, but also people with a desire to give something back – especially, it seems, to Copley.  Some received wonderful medical care here; others had family members who were well taken care of; and some simply liked the idea of rolling up their sleeves and pitching in. There are so many opportunities for people to help that I can say – unequivocally – if you have an interest, we have a department that could use your help.

So, who might be the ideal volunteer? Maybe you’re a high school student interested in learning more about the healthcare field. Maybe you’ve recently retired and are looking for a new adventure. Maybe you’re someone who has the summer off, who is looking for a new career, or who is simply new to the area. We’re looking for anyone who has an interest in meeting new people, serving the community, providing companionship to an elderly or lonely patient, or who has a special skill such as bookkeeping, delivery services, data input, event organizing, carpentry, or cleaning. In other words, the ideal volunteer might be someone just like you!

I’m convinced there are people in our community who would enjoy spending a couple hours a day – or maybe a couple half days a week – coming in to lend a hand, but they’re not sure if their skills would align to hospital work. I can confidently tell you that whatever it is you have done in your lifetime, you are qualified.  Ample training and support are provided, and we will do our best to match your skills and preferences with the right department.

Over the coming months, as I rebuild and rethink our volunteer program, I will be looking for new ways for people to get involved. I’ve met with guidance counselors at several local school systems to start our first Junior Volunteer Program. We have four high school student volunteers this summer to offer their services and learn about the healthcare field. They’ll work in a variety of departments and get to see firsthand how medical care is delivered in a hospital setting. I’m so excited about this program and I can’t wait to watch it grow and to see the friendships and connections that develop.

Volunteering at Copley can be a rewarding and satisfying way to contribute to your community and help keep our corner of Vermont the very special place it is. If you have a few extra hours each week that you’d like to fill doing something meaningful; if you’ve been wanting to meet new friends with similar interests; or if you’d like to be a part of something special, volunteering at Copley could be the perfect choice for you.

So please reach out, get in touch, and get involved!  I am happy to answer any questions you may have, or simply show you around the building. If you’ve volunteered at Copley in the past and think you might be ready to return, drop me an email at I would love to meet you and match your skills and interests with a department or service area that could use your help.