Scholarship Fund Will Support Copley Hospital

Copley Hospital this week announced the receipt of a $1 million gift, which will be used to provide continuing education scholarships to employees wishing to advance in their careers or enter nursing at Copley. The fund, established by a VT couple, will benefit Copley’s staff for many years to come.

“A gift of this size will have a profound impact not only on our hospital and staff, but also on our entire service area,” said VP of Development and Marketing Trish Rick. “We are always looking to hire and retain high quality nurses and medical support staff, and this will make it possible for many employees to pursue certifications, designations, and advanced degrees, and others to take their first steps toward a career in healthcare.”

The gift, which will be paid in $100,000 increments over ten years, will benefit, advance and promote education and training opportunities in a number of clinical disciplines including nursing, rehabilitation services, laboratory technology, radiology and more. Each payment will be allocated such that 30% will support a Scholarship Endowment Fund, with the remaining 70% to be used each year towards advancing education for nursing and medical support staff.

“Our desire is to demonstrate our appreciation and support for Copley Hospital by funding continuing education scholarships that provide the medical and support staff opportunities to advance in their careers” noted the donors. “Copley means a great deal to us and we are excited and pleased to be able to support it in this way.”

“Now entering its 90th year of service, Copley Hospital is a unique and special place,” said CEO Joe Woodin. “And a big part of why we are so special is because of people who care deeply about helping and supporting others. This gift will impact this hospital for decades to come, not only improving the lives of the people who work here, but also the people who come here for medical care. The donor’s thoughtfulness, foresight, and generosity is both appreciated, and humbling.”