Scholarship Fund Will Benefit Copley

Copley Hospital was the recipient of a generous $1 million gift this past spring, the Copley ‘Professional Development Scholarship Award,’ will be used to provide continuing education scholarships to employees wishing to advance in their careers or enter nursing and/or related disciplines. 

The first beneficiaries of the scholarship award will be the 4 students currently enrolled in our Nursing Assistant Education Program (NAEP).  This program runs three times a year and up to 8 Copley employees are eligible to enroll.

“The impact on our Copley employees is tremendous,” said, Lori Profota, Chief Nursing Officer.  “With this funding we can build a stable nursing pipeline while also motivating and rewarding our staff through their continuing education.”  This is an attraction and retention vehicle too, said Wayne Stockbridge, Chief Administration and Human Resources Officer.  “We are always looking to attract, support and retain high quality nurses, medical support staff, as well as other allied health professionals and this scholarship makes it possible for many to pursue professional certifications, Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and advanced degrees in nursing, rehabilitation services, laboratory science, radiology and more.”

Copley is such a unique and special place,” said CEO Joseph Woodin. “And a big part of why we’re so special is because of people who care deeply about helping and supporting others. The scholarship gift will impact this hospital – and our communities – for decades to come, not only improving the lives of the people who work here, but also the people who come here for medical care.”