Samantha Diaz Joins Copley Hospital as Manager, Volunteer Services

Copley Hospital announced the appointment of Samantha Diaz to its newly created Manager of Volunteer Services position. Diaz brings a wealth of experience to the role, including Practice Supervisor at University of Vermont Medical Center’s (UVMMC) Berlin Family Medicine; Medical Oncology Practice Supervisor at Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Breast Cancer Center in New York City; and most recently as Manager of Guest and Volunteer Services at UVMMC.

With the addition of this new manager-level position, Copley plans to rebuild and reinvigorate its existing network of community volunteers, many of whom had to be put on leave or reduced hours during the Covid pandemic.

“I’m very excited to join the team at Copley because I have a genuine respect and enthusiasm for this small community, its history, and its members,” Diaz said. “Copley will afford me the opportunity to get to know volunteers on a deeper level, how they can best serve patients and families, and how our hospital can better serve its own community.”

While at UVMMC, Diaz provided leadership and management to over 85 direct reports including the medical center’s Covid screening staff, as well as recruitment and retention of 125 on-site reporting volunteers. She also managed the Center’s Covid operations and screening processes at all campus and satellite locations.

“What drew me to Copley,” Diaz noted, “was the opportunity to get to know each department and the specific skill sets they are in need of; and then match those needs to Volunteers’ interests and expertise. The Morrisville/Stowe area is filled with people who’ve excelled in business, agriculture, finance and other fields, and those are all skills we can really use here at the hospital.”

“We are very pleased to bring someone of Samantha’s caliber on board, not only to jump start our existing program but also bring it to a new level,” said Chief Administration Officer Wayne Stockbridge. “It seems like a perfect fit on every level.”

Diaz is already meeting with hospital departments, clinics, and practices to determine where, when, and how best to bring Volunteers on board. Community members wishing to return as volunteers or contribute their knowledge and expertise are encouraged to contact her at

Samantha resides in Waterbury. She serves on the Community Restorative Panel for Washington County’s Diversion program, and enjoys outdoor tennis, equestrian sports, is a Stowe Tango Music festival enthusiast and has a love for learning and reading about Vermont history. Please join Copley in welcoming Samantha to the Copley family.