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**Effective 8/01 Approved Visitors are able to visit the Hospital Cafe.

Cafeteria/Nutritional ServicesNutrition

Delicious, healthy, well-balanced meals are an important part of your treatment and recovery as well as your ongoing health.

Our registered dietitians provide 1:1 nutritional consultations with both inpatients and outpatients.

Our Nutritional Services team is responsible for nourishing both our patients and our staff.

Our Cafeteria is open to the public and you are invited to join staff there for a meal or a snack.

For Our Inpatients

Copley Hospital has an excellent reputation for providing outstanding meals. Our nutritional services team provides meals prepared according to your doctor’s orders.

Each day you will be visited by a Diet Tech who will help you select your meal choices.

If you are on a special diet prescribed by your doctor, your choices will reflect your specific dietary needs.

You May Expect To Be Served

  • Breakfast: 7:30am – 9:00am.
  • Lunch: 12:00pm – 1:30pm.
  • Dinner: 5:00pm – 6:30pm.


Your family and friends are invited to dine along with physicians and hospital employees in the hospital Cafeteria. It is located on the second floor.

The Cafeteria Is Open Daily

  • Breakfast 6:30am-10:30am
  • Lunch 11:30am-1:30pm
  • Dinner 4:00pm-6:30pm

Drinks, snacks, fruit, soup and salad are available throughout the afternoon. Prices are very reasonable.