Copley Hospital Laboratory Receives CAP Accreditation

Copley officials announced on Monday that its Laboratory has been awarded a two-year continued accreditation.  The accreditation is a result of a survey review by the College of American Pathologists (CAP).   Amy Shopland, Copley’s Director of Laboratory Services, explains that the accreditation ensures that all laboratory patients are receiving the highest standard of care. “CAP accreditation ensures accuracy. The inspection confirms that Copley Hospital Laboratory is delivering high quality results that our patients and physicians can trust.”

Shopland describes CAP inspectors as highly experienced with working knowledge of laboratories. “The depth of a CAP inspection is a testament to Copley’s commitment to high quality testing accuracy.”  The inspection process is rigorous and thorough.  Shopland notes that inspectors can potentially look at more than 4,000 items that include review of records and procedures as well as staff qualifications, skill of technician and knowledge of interpreting physician, training, equipment, facilities, our safety program, safety records and overall management.

Copley’s Lab is staffed by a team of phlebotomists, laboratory technologists and medical lab scientists as well as a pathologist who work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to deliver laboratory results to the patients and physicians.

Copley Pathologist Armando Ciampa said, “The services this team provides are vital to diagnosis and treatment of disease. In addition to the high volume of diagnostic tests run daily through the laboratory, the pandemic increased our testing with the addition of two analyzers to ensure patients and physicians receive timely COVID results.  I cannot begin to express my deepest gratitude toward this dynamic team,” states Dr. Ciampa.  Ciampa noted that last year Copley provided over 352,389 laboratory procedures, an increase of nearly 20,000 procedures compared to the previous year. 

Services available at Copley’s Laboratory include blood bank, chemistry, hematology, immunology, microbiology, covid testing and pathology.  Copley is one of more than 8,000 CAP-Accredited facilities worldwide.

“Achieving and maintaining laboratory accreditation is vital to providing high quality patient care. The CAP’s Accreditation programs are regarded as the most rigorous choice to achieve and maintain accreditation. Copley’s participation in the program demonstrates our commitment to the highest quality and patient care,” continued Dr. Ciampa.

About the College of American Pathologists
As the world’s largest organization of board-certified pathologists and leading provider of laboratory accreditation and proficiency testing programs, CAP serves patients, pathologists, and the public by fostering and advocating excellence in the practice of pathology and laboratory medicine worldwide.