Copley Hospital First in Northeast to Utilize Robotic Orthopedic Procedure

Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Nick Antell pictured to the right, using the CORI Surgical System during knee replacement surgery.

After being the first hospital in New England to use a ‘Navio Robot’ to assist in a range of Orthopedic procedures, Copley Hospital is again ahead of the entire Northeast in introducing a new generation of robot-assisted technology that will significantly reduce the time and severity of knee, hip, and other joint replacements.

Called the CORI Surgical System, this second generation robot is technically a hand-held targeting device that, according to Director of Perioperative Services Karen Cavender, RN, empowers surgeons with real time intraoperative planning that informs how much bone needs to be resected to restore a patient’s full range of motion. The CORI system, she said, vastly improves procedural accuracy during implant placement, alignment and bone resection

“Before robotic assistance,” Cavender said, “joint replacements were slower, less precise and the procedure was done incrementally. Surgeons had to eyeball the anatomy, remove a small amount of bone, test for range of motion, go back in and remove more bone, and repeat the procedure. Sometimes several times. With CORI, it’s more of a one-step procedure. The measurements, testing, and resections can be done in a more fluid single procedure. The result is far more accurate, and for patients, much less intrusive.”

“It’s really an amazing technology,” Cavender noted, “and there are some who might think it’s even more amazing that a small hospital like Copley is utilizing it before the larger hospitals in New York, Boston, and around New England are. But that’s Copley. We are constantly ahead of the curve, especially in the Orthopedic arena.”

Dr. Nick Antell of Mansfield Orthopedics is equally pleased with the new technology. “My partner, Brian Aros, MD, and I are very excited about this next generation of robotic assisted total knee arthroplasty. The new platform offers even more precision and efficiency, providing us another powerful tool to use as we continually strive for the best possible outcomes for our patients.”

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