Copley Staff Collaborate with Vermont Hospitals

Every day, members of Team Copley staff go out of their way to make Copley the best hospital it can be. Recently, Ashley Barry (pictured left), Medical Assistant, traveled to Northwestern Medical Center in St. Alban’s, Vermont, where she spent the day with members of the hospital’s front-office team, medical assistants, and providers. The goal? Strengthen relationships, share information, and make both hospitals stronger. Of her time, Ashley said: “I was glad to spend the day there to see how they do things differently and how we could benefit in our Multi-Specialty clinic at Copley.”

“We work closely with a number of hospitals in this way,” noted Director of Physician Practices Carol Ferrante. “There’s enough work out there for all of us, and if we can assist one another, it only benefits everyone. We all get stronger, smarter, and better when we share our successes, failures, staff, and expertise with each other.” Another member of Copley’s Multi-Specialty clinic team, Erin Savery, LPN, (pictured right), will visit NMC’s General Surgery program next.