$1,000,000 Campaign Expands Access to Orthopaedic Care for Community

After a hip replacement performed by Dr. Nicholas Antell of Mansfield Orthopaedics, Bradley Carleton resumed his active lifestyle that includes hikes with his dog Boone.

Bradley Carleton of Charlotte, Vermont, was a semiprofessional freestyle skier in his 20s and a lifelong outdoorsman. For the last 15 years, he was plagued by severe hip pain, which made it  impossible for him to continue doing the things he loved. He needed a solution, and he started exploring surgery.

“People volunteered their praise for Copley and Mansfield  Orthopaedics,” said Carleton, who eventually connected with Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Nicholas Antell and had a full right hip replacement in June of 2023.

“Mr. Carleton and I realized during our consultation that we had a shared love of spending time outside,” said Dr. Antell, who, like Carleton, enjoys snowboarding and hunting. Dr. Antell said that because Carleton’s hip had degenerated so much, it was causing him severe pain and stiffness. “At Mr. Carleton’s follow-up visit one month after surgery, he shared that he was pain-free for the first time in as long as he could remember. He was thrilled with the result and looking forward to returning to the activities he loves.”

“I’ve been hiking and walking. I went up to my tree stand. This is nothing short of a miracle,” said Carleton, who chose Copley  because of its culture. “It’s just personable! It’s a very different feeling from other hospitals!”

Call it different. Call it the Copley way. It’s what drew Bradley  Carleton to Mansfield Orthopaedics, and it’s what draws over 17,000 other patients every year. And, as this number continues  to grow, so too does the wait time for appointments.

Copley knows our community deserves better and decided to  act. You can read about the October groundbreaking for the 10,000-square-foot Mansfield Orthopaedics Waterbury medical office building on the facing page. Construction is underway on a space that will help us meet the growing demand for orthopaedic and podiatry services, reduce appointment wait times, and  provide a more comfortable space for patients and their families.

This is a big project for Copley Hospital. We have secured a multi-million-dollar loan to help fund the construction, but we must also raise $1,000,000 from our community. Every dollar raised from the Fall Appeal will go directly to funding the new medical office building. 

Please join Bradley Carleton in supporting our Fall Appeal. In doing so, you will help us keep this important care local. 

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