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Bryan Huber, MD

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Mansfield Orthopaedics, A Practice of Copley Hospital

555 Washington Highway, Morrisville, VT 05661


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Mansfield Orthopaedics - Waterbury

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Dr. Bryan Huber is an attending orthopaedic surgeon and Medical Director of Rehabilitation Services at Copley Hospital. He has a clinical and scientific interest in:
1) cartilage restoration, meniscal repair, and transplantation;
2) knee ligament anatomic reconstruction;
3) customized partial and total knee replacement;
4) minimally-invasive hip replacement, modified anterior approach, and
5) surgical and nonsurgical treatment of middle aged athletes.

Dr. Huber currently serves as the President of Vermont Orthopedic Society, Medical Director for Burton Global Snowboard team, Team Physician for U.S. Snowboarding, and Medical Director of Stowe Ski Patrol. Dr. Huber is a Diplomat of the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery and Fellow with the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery.

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2008-present Covidien Sports Surgery, Inc. – Product and technique design/Protocol development of an all
suture repair device.
2009-present   Agnovos – Osteosupplementation project – Technique, instrumentation and protocol
development. Scientific Advisory Board.
2010-present   Conformis , iDuo project – Technique development. Scientific Advisory Board, iTotal – Research
team, Teaching Faculty – Visiting Surgeon Program
2011-present   Visionscope Inc. – VSI trial – Protocol development. Scientific Advisory Teaching Faculty –
Visiting Surgeon Program
2012-present   Arthrocare/Smith & Nephew, Development of Anatomic ACL Reconstruction Technique, SAB,
Teaching Faculty – Visiting Surgeon Program.

Education & Clinical Experience

Bachelor’s of Science, Chemistry: Bucknell University
Medical Degree: University of Vermont
Internship,General Surgery: Medical Center Hospital of Vermont
Residency, Orthopedic Surgery: Fletcher Allen Health Care
Research Fellow: Hospital for Special Surgery
Board Certification: American Board of Orthopedic Surgery
State Licensure: Vermont

Copley Hospital: Chief of Surgery, 2014-present
Copley Hospital: Department Head, Orthopedic Surgery; Copley Hospital Medical Director,
Rehabilitation Services, 2005-present
University of New England: Adjunct, Clinical Faculty, 2006-present
University of Vermont: Clinical Assistant Professor, 2004-2009
Mansfield Orthopaedics:  Orthopedic Surgeon, 2001-present
U.S. Naval Hospital, Rota, Spain: Staff Orthopedic Surgeon, Department Head, 1997-2001


1) Juhn, A.,Mohler, D.G., HUBER, B.M., Ullman,T., Lane, J.M.: Heterotopic Bone Induction and Fracture Repair – An Experimental Study in the Rat.  Orthopaedic Transactions, Vol. 13:2, 259-260, 1989.; 2) Muschler, G.F., HUBER, B.M., Barth, R., Easley, K., Otis, J., Lane, J.M.: Evaluation of Bone Grafting Materials in a New Canine Segmental Spinal Fusion Model.  Journal
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2014; 8) Voigt, J., Mosier, M. HUBER, B.M: In-Office Diagnostic Arthroscopy fo Knee and Shoulder Intr-articular Injuries and the Potential Impact on Cost Savings in the US, BMC Health Services Research, 14:203, 2014




1)      A Prospective Evaluation of Percutaneous Osteo-supplementation in the Proximal Femur of
Osteoporotic Patients; a.   Data collection phase II. Principle investigator – responsible for technique and protocol development, budget preparation ; 2)      Time Zero
Biomechanical Strength of Femoral Neck After Percutaneous Prodense Injection. a.Manuscript preparation
b.     Collaboration with Wright medical lab and Harvard Biomechanics lab 3)
Prospective Evaluation of a Novel All
Suture Meniscal Repair Device; a.
Data collection phase. Principle investigator –responsible for study design / development and funding 4) Prospective Evaluation of the Triathlon
PKR; a.      Data collection phase. Principle Investigator b.   Multicentered Study with US and European Co-Investigators 5) Prospective Evaluation of Hydrogel Use in Total Knee Arthroplasty; a.      Study design phase. Principle investigator –
responsible for protocol development and funding b.     Collaboration with Amar Sawhney, CEO Ocular Therapeutix, Boston 6) Open, Randomized, Multi-center, Safety and
Efficacy Evaluation in Patients with at-risk Bone Mineral Density (BMD) who
Receive Local Osteo-supplementation of the Femoral Neck in one Hip – an
Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) Study; a.     Protocol development b.
Multicentered study with Boston University and Colorado Center for Bone Research 7) A Prospective, Randomized, Multicenter
Study to Evaluate the ConforMIS iDUO G2 Bicompartmental Knee Repair System vs. standard TKR. a.
Data collection phase, Co-Investigator
b.     Multicentered Study 8) A Prospective, Multicenter Study to
Evaluate the ConforMIS iTotal CR Knee Replacement System, a.      Data collection phase, Co-Investigator b.
Multicentered Study 9)A Pilot Study to Evaluate the Clinical Performance of N8tive Double Bundle ACLR a.
Data collection to begin Fall 2014 b.
Multicentered Study, Myers Sports Medicine, Atlanta 10)Meniscal Repair with AS Meniscal device – Acadaveric analysis of safe zones and recommendations a.      Manuscript preparation b.   Co-Investigator, Brian Aros, MD 11) Injury Surveillance Survey of Elite Slopestyle Skiers and Snowboarders a.      Data collection Phase b.     Co-Investigator, Steadman Phillipon, Vail 12) Pilot Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of Exparel in Reducing Post-Op Pain following TKR a.      Data collection, Copley Hospital