Copley Hospital’s Joel Whitecrane is Named Team Hero

Joel Whitecrane, LNA (center) with General Surgeon, Don Dupuis, MD and
Jodie Legacy, RN, MPH, CIC Infection Preventionist/Clinical Quality Specialist

Copley Hospital’s Joel Whitecrane was recently named Team Hero. Until recently, Joel has served as a Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA) in the hospital’s Infusion/Hematology Suite, a position he has held since 2019. Staff and patients describe Joel as a very kind and compassionate caregiver. At a recent staff gathering, the hospital’s COVID Response Team (CRT) presented Joel with the award, stating that he epitomizes the face of our community hospital in the dedication and enthusiasm he brings to Copley every day.

When COVID-19 hit our community, Joel stepped up to the plate and was one of the first employees to redeploy as a main entrance screener. “Joel stepped into a new role that underwent many changes over the first few weeks. During that time, he was instrumental in helping to develop and modify the screening process to ensure the safety of our patients and staff,” states Amy Fitzgerald, VP of Human Resources. In addition to identifying areas needing improvement, Fitzgerald said that Joel offered suggestions to make things better.

Every workday, Joel walks in the shoes of service excellence treating every patient, visitor, and staff member with respect and compassion as they enter the hospital. His friendly and compassionate greeting, whether “good morning” or “good afternoon” sets the tone of calmness for many entering the hospital. He is quick to recognize when someone needs to seek emergent care, and he is thorough with answering questions and addressing concerns. “His calmness, even under stressful times, puts those as ease as they are checking in,” continued Fitzgerald.

In the nomination letter submitted by CRT, the team commended Joel for the dedication, accountability, and integrity that he brings to work every day. “Joel truly demonstrates respect and compassion while treating all individuals in a professional, caring manner as they enter the hospital and begin the screening process,” the letter stated. “He truly is the face of Copley.”

Joel has been a LNA for nearly 30 years. Prior to Copley, he resided in Oklahoma where he served as a correctional officer. In 2002, he moved to Vermont and currently resides in Eden with his wife and two children.

Outside of work, Joel is a family man and enjoys his family time. He is active in his children’s sports, volunteering as coach for both the basketball and football teams. Please join team Copley in congratulating Joel on this award, and on his new position as Lead Screener!