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Hospitalists_708x520_WEBDoctor’s Day

On Doctors’ Day, March 30th, (and every day), we at Copley Hospital thank our physicians for their outstanding care and dedication to improving the health of our community.

In our local newspapers and on our Facebook page, we asked community members to send us a note to “show your doctor you care.”

If you would like to recognize your doctor, please use our online contact form.

By doing so, you give permission to Copley Hospital to display your comments publicly, including, but not limited to Copley’s websites and Facebook page.

Here are some of the comments we have received:

“I would like to thank all of Copley’s doctors, but I would like to recognize Dr. Kaeding. Dr. Kaeding (Emergency Services) is a very gifted doctor who is able to talk to his patients in a way that they understand…Dr. Kaeding’s professional advice has always given me the ability to care for myself…Thanks for being there for me and the community.”
-Scott Thompson, Morrisville

“Have Dr. Coddaire, and very very pleased with him, and your hospital, would sure hate to go else where. All do a wonderful job.”
-Cappy Loucks

“Dr. Philip Kiely is simply THE BEST!”
-Lynn Paparella, Stowe

“I would like to recongize Drs. Coddaire, Kunin, Olin, and Waring. Over the years, I have worked for and have been (am) a patient of these excellent physicians. I consider them to be outstanding professionals as well as sincerely caring and compassionate people. Through them all, Copley Hospital does, indeed, offer “expert care with a personal touch.”
-Jollie D. Parker, Johnson

I have been going to Dr. Rossman for about 25 years and consider him to be one of the brightest, kindest and logical doctors I know. He has always been there when I needed him.
-Rebecca Olson, Stowe

I have been to doctors from border to border in our country and in between. Dr. Kiely is #1 in my book.
-Michael Jordick, Morrisville