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Why I Gave to the Campaign for the New Surgical Center

We are honored by the stories our donors share.


They understand that the person who happens to be the patient is not the only family member being impacted by whatever is happening. That makes a difference in recovery… I’m doing my part to ensure that our community hospital will be here not only for my golden years, but for future generations.

                                                  -Susan Bartlett, former state senator, Hyde Park


Thumbnail_King_Henry_and_LannyLanny and I had never donated to a hospital before, but a local hospital is a critical resource to the community, for both permanent residents and the swelling summer population.I recently spent eight days as a patient at Copley – and I learned first-hand that the doctors, nurses, and staff care about their patients, listen to our needs, and do their very best to hasten our recovery. Copley is a small hospital that allows a very personal service. Their positive, caring attitude was vital to my recovery. We are fortunate to have Copley Hospital in our community, and we are delighted to support it.

                                                                                         -Henry King, Princeton, NJ & Greensboro, VT


Bryan HuberWe are patient-centered.

We treat people like family, and when you come here, you’re going to get cutting-edge care in a personal environment. I’m contributing to the capital campaign because there is no project more important to this hospital and this community than a high-quality Surgical Center at Copley Hospital.

                                                    -Bryan Huber, MD, Mansfield Orthopaedics


This is a no-brainer. This is very important – not only to our community, but to me and you, too. We need a new Surgical Center at this hospital.

                                                                                              – Polly Manosh, Morrisville



I’m contributing because a strong Copley Hospital is vital to more than personal health. It’s also key to strengthening and maintaining the economic health of our region, as a place where families can thrive, businesses want to locate, and skilled professionals choose to live and work.

                                                    -Mel Patashnick, retired CEO, Copley Hospital

Other donors share why they support Copley’s new Surgical Center in our video.

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