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Copley Hospital’s Work Conditioning program helps ensure a safe return to the work place following injury through rehabilitation.

Each treatment plan is customized and designed to maximize your ability to return to full-time work as safely and quickly as possible with a focus on prevention of re-injury.

Treatment includes rehabilitation, strengthening, conditioning and functional testing.

Copley’s Work Conditioning program consists of 1-2 hour sessions 3x a week for up to 4 weeks in our hospital rehabilitation gym.

Your physical therapist will work collaboratively with you, your case management team, your physician and your employer in order to ensure an effective program and safe return to work.

What to Expect

You will receive an initial assessment which the physical therapist will use to design a plan to help maximize your physical function. Your treatment plan will include:

  • Real simulated work tasks
  • Conditioning exercises
  • Education about body mechanics, safety and injury prevention, self-management

You will be required to perform postures and motions with workloads that are involved in performing job-specific tasks. We strive to simulate moves needed for your specific job duties.

At the end of the program, you may receive a Functional Capacity Evaluation.

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

An FCE is an objective assessment used to determine an individual’s ability to perform general functional activities or work-related tasks.

During an FCE, you will perform various activities that simulate on-the-job work while a physical therapist measures your maximal functional level.

The assessment provides crucial information in developing an effective return-to-work program as well in assessing the abilities of individuals seeking vocational rehabilitation determinations.

Benefits of an FCE include:

  • Comprehensive assessment of your capacity to return to work after injury
  • Identifying work site modifications for a safe and successful return to work
  • An evaluation of the level of function for job retraining, should you be unable to return to the previous job

The FCE is based on the Matheson System of Work Evaluation.