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Copley Rehabilitation at Mansfield Orthopaedics

Physician referral is required.
Hours vary by therapist. Please call for an appointment.

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The therapeutic pool environment can be beneficial for patients who may have difficulty performing some components of their therapy in a land-based setting. The water environment provides both buoyancy and resistance to therapeutic activities. This may allow the progression of gait, strength, coordination and balance skills to levels that promote the performance of these activities in the functional land-based applications.

Pool Features

The therapeutic pool temperature is maintained at approximately 88-90 degrees F.

The adjustable height of the floor allows patients to enter the pool without using a ladder or stairs,
and to work in the pool at different water depths.

The built-in treadmill combined with the buoyancy of the water allows patients to develop normal gait mechanics early in the rehabilitation process.

Directional jet systems can provide additional resistance and balance training.

Underwater camera provides immediate visual feedback on monitors that permit the patient and therapist to correct gait patterns and promote normal biomechanics.

Patient Requirements

Physician referral is required.

Each new patient is evaluated by one of our therapists or athletic trainers prior to starting the pool program.

  • You must be safe and independent in walking on potentially wet surfaces with or without assistive devices, or be able to use a wheelchair independently.
  • You must be independent in using the shower room, and independent in dressing, or you must bring your own personal care assistant.

Please tell us when scheduling if you have any skin conditions or special medical concerns.

Bring your own towels and your bathing suit. If you do not have a bathing suit, shorts and a tee-shirt are acceptable. Please keep in mind that the chemicals of the pool may change the color of clothing.

Arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to allow changing time.

Please shower in the private changing room prior to entering the pool.