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This report provides comparative data about Vermont hospital quality, patient satisfaction, pricing and financial information.In addition, it provides information about Copley Hospital’s quality improvement initiatives, strategic initiatives, governance,and process for filing a complaint. To view this information, click on any of the topics below.

Hospital Quality – Ratings for the Public

Explore Hospital Quality Ratings and Data. You can get a “snapshot” of quality of Vermont hospitals by looking at the following aspects of healthcare:

Deaths and Readmissions:

  • How each hospital’s performance on the readmission and death (mortality) measures compares to the national rate.

Patients’ Experiences:

  • How recently-discharged patients responded to a national survey about their hospital experience. For example, how well did a hospital’s doctors and nurses communicate with patients and manage their pain?

Timely and Effective Care:

  • How often and quickly each hospital gives recommended treatments for certain conditions like heart attack, heart failure, and pneumonia. This section also explores how facilities follow best practices to prevent surgical complications for common procedures.

Healthcare-Acquired Infection (HAI)

This section provides information on infections that occur while the patient is in the hospital. Many healthcare-associated infections can be prevented when the hospitals use CDC-recommended infection control steps.

Nurse Staffing Information

Nursing Care Hours per Patient Days refers to the number of hours of nursing care provided on a hospital unit, compared to the number of patients on that unit during a 24-hour period. A higher number may indicate that a hospital provides a higher level of patient care.

Financial and Pricing Information

This section provides information on Copley Hospital’s:

See Copley Hospital’s Discount and Free Care Policy.

All Vermont Community Hospitals
Find Financial & Pricing Information for all Vermont community hospitals.
Find Discount & Free Care Policies for all Vermont community hospitals.

Other Information About Copley Hospital


  • Read about strategic initiatives to meet health care needs in our community and opportunities for public participation in strategic planning.


  • Public participation:hospital governance section includes our public meeting schedule and contact information.


  • We encourage the consumers to voice their complaints, concerns, or suggestions. Here is information about hospital complaint process.


Additional Resources on Hospital Quality Information