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Move of the Month – Wrist Extensors Stretches

May 8, 2015

Provided by Copley Hospital Certified Athletic Trainer Vin Faraci, MS, ATC

Morrisville – Tennis elbow is a common forearm pain that therapists and certified athletic trainers treat. It happens when the common wrist extensor tendon becomes inflamed where the tendon attaches to the outside of the forearm near the elbow. This is a common problem with sport enthusiasts such as golfers, baseball players, tennis players, and bowlers who perform repetitive activity while tightly gripping something. Others who are affected by this condition include office workers, housekeepers, and landscapers. Tightness of the wrist extensors, poor workstations, and improper lifting techniques can also contribute to this injury.

Faraci recommends this wrist extensors stretch be performed before and after sports, as well as during a quick break from your daily work activities:

  • Hold your right arm out in front of you with palm down.
  • Press down on the back of your right hand with your left hand.
  • Your fingers should be pointing towards the floor.
  • Press down until you feel a stretch in your upper forearm.
  • To increase this stretch and micro-adjust the location and intensity of the stretch you can rotate your pinky finger towards the ceiling.

Faraci is a Certified Athletic Trainer at Copley Hospital. He provides both land based and aquatic orthopedic rehabilitation. Vin also works closely with area schools to ensure our student athletes are receiving the proper prevention and injury care to keep them on the slopes, fields and courts.

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