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Move of the Month – Mini Crunch

November 20, 2015

Move of the Month; Mini Crunch

Morrisville – Winter is quickly approaching which can make maintaining your exercise program more challenging.  Copley Hospital’s Athletic Trainer Vin Faraci, MS, ATC says that it’s important you continue to be active during the colder months as many of the daily activities we do involve lifting, twisting, and bending.  Faraci explains that these types of movements require a great deal of core and leg strength. “Improving one’s core and leg strength helps enhance performance, can help prevent injury and may improve the daily function of someone living with pain from a chronic injury.”  Faraci suggests the Mini-Crunch as an exercise to help build this strength.

Faraci recommends that the exercise be performed on a padded floor or yoga mat.

  • Begin by lying on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor.
  • Place your finger tips on your thighs or you can support your neck by lacing your fingers low on the back of your neck. When performing the crunch do not pull on your head.
  • Curl straight up until your shoulder blades just leave the floor.
  • As you curl up, exhale.
  • Pause briefly at the top of the motion and then slowly return to the start position.

Faraci says the entire motion should take about 3-4 seconds and recommends starting with a goal of 10 repetitions and gradually increasing the repetitions over several weeks.

As you progress in strength, you may need to increase the difficulty or intensity of this exercise.  As a variation, trying curling up toward your right knee, then toward your left knee – but curled up until just your shoulder blades leave the floor. This motion will work the oblique fibers of the abdominals.

As with any exercise program, it is recommended that you check with your doctor before beginning.


Vin Faraci is a Certified Athletic Trainer at Copley Hospital. He provides both land based and aquatic orthopedic rehabilitation. Faraci also works closely with area schools to ensure our student athletes are receiving the proper prevention and injury care to keep them on the slopes, fields and courts.

Copley’s Rehabilitation team provides a comprehensive and patient-friendly program that includes a full range of inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services at four locations: Copley Hospital, Mansfield Orthopaedics, Hardwick Physical Therapy and at the Stoweflake Resort and Spa in Stowe.  Services include: Athletic Training, Aquatic Therapy, Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Hand, Occupational, Physical and Pediatric Therapies, Speech Language Pathology, Workplace Conditioning and therapy for Urinary Incontinence. For more information visit