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Move of the Month: Front Plank

January 13, 2015

Morrisville – Last month Copley Hospital’s Certified Athletic Trainer Vin Faraci, MS, ATC introduced the Bridge exercise, an exercise that aimed at improving your core and leg strength. This month’s exercise, the Front Plank, also focuses on these muscles and more.

The Front Plank utilizes a number of muscle groups including the abdominals, quadriceps, gluteus, upper, mid and lower back, as well as the anterior lower leg. In addition to athletic trainers who commonly use this as a strengthening exercise, the Plank is also practiced in Pilates and yoga. “It’s a great exercise to help strengthen and build endurance in the abdominals,” says Faraci.

Faraci recommends that the exercise be performed on a padded floor or yoga mat.

  • Lie on the floor by getting into a push up position.
  • Bend your elbows and rest your weight on your forearms. Your elbows should be directly beneath your shoulders.
  • Your body should form a straight line from your head to your toes. Head relaxed and looking at the floor.

Faraci recommends performing 4-6 repetitions holding the position for 10-30 seconds with a rest period of 15-30 seconds in-between holds. Gradually as you build your strength, you can increase the time you hold the position to 1-2 minutes.

As with any exercise program, it is recommended that you check with your doctor before beginning.

Vin Faraci is a Certified Athletic Trainer at Copley Hospital. He provides both land based and aquatic orthopedic rehabilitation. Faraci also works closely with area schools to ensure our student athletes are receiving the proper prevention and injury care to keep them on the slopes, fields and courts.

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