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Innovative Multi-Disciplinary Clinical Training Underway at Copley

February 15, 2019

Collaboration with Vermont Technical College Uses Computerized Simulation Mannequin

Morrisville, VT – Copley Hospital is innovative in its dedication to multi-disciplinary clinical training according to Michelle Stearns, DNP, MSN, RN, the Simulation Program Director for Nursing & Allied Health Programs for Vermont Tech. Stearns was at the hospital for the second of three clinical training simulations scheduled in Copley Hospital’s Birthing Center this year. While the initial clinical training focused on responding to a major post-partum hemorrhage, it would evolve into cardiac arrest, involving personnel from across the hospital to practice responding in real time. A simulation mannequin was used, controlled by Stearns, who was able to start and stop blood flow, change the patient’s blood pressure, respirations, and respond verbally to the clinicians.

“It is common for such trainings to happen with specific departments, in silos,” said Stearns. “It is great to see a community hospital like Copley breaking down those silos and using simulation scenarios in their own environment, to involve broader multi-disciplinary clinical trainings.”

A certified nurse midwife and two nurses talking to a simulation mannequin during a training scenario.
Treating a training scenario like a real event, a Certified Nurse Midwife and Birthing Center Nurses explain to the simulation mannequin-patient what is happening and what they are doing in response.

This particular scenario started with a certified nurse mid-wife and two nurses to diagnose and treat a major post–partum hemorrhage, but as the scenario evolved to the mannequin-patient going into cardiac arrest, the room became packed with clinicians, each with a role. Participants included emergency nurses, the clinical house supervisor, hospitalist, certified registered nurse anesthesiologist, obstetrician, general surgeon, laboratory technician, clinical nurse educator, respiratory therapist, additional birthing center nurses, and the hospital’s chaplain. Immediately following the scenario, everyone stayed for a debriefing, identifying any concerns and providing suggestions for improvements.

Six clinicians crowd around a simulation mannequin-patient during a training scenario involving a cardiac arrest.
During the training scenario, clinicians from across the hospital respond after the simulation mannequin-patient goes into cardiac arrest. Here, the certified nurse midwife is performing CPR while the hospitalist reads analysis from the crash cart. RNs in the room have called for more blood, prepare to take over CPR, and assist with the crash cart.

“The simulation training in our own environment is so helpful, because it makes it feel more real,” said Marliese Carlson, RN and Birthing Center Resource Nurse. “Bringing staff in from other disciplines helps improve communications and builds “muscle memory” for all of us.”

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A vareity of clinicians participate in a debriefing following a training scenario.
MDs, Certified Nurse Midwives, Nurses, Clinical Educators, Clinical House Supervisors, and Nursing Leadership participated in a debriefing following the training.

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