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Couture Honored with Hunt Blair Award

May 24, 2018

Dominique Couture Recognized for Her Work with Community Health Services of Lamoille Valley and Copley Hospital


Social Worker Dominique Couture was honored Tuesday (May 22) by the Bi-State Primary Care Association with the 2018 Hunt Blair Leadership Award. This prestigious award honors an emerging and evolving leader from Bi-State’s member organizations who embodies some of Hunt Blair’s attributes and shows great promise of a career in the health care field. Some of the attributes include: passionate, tenacious, energetic, influential, warm, compassionate, generous, kind, and likeable. Couture was honored for her work last year with Community Health Services of Lamoille Valley (CHSLV) as part of a joint initiative with Copley Hospital to reduce avoidable visits to the hospital’s emergency department.

Couture was responsible for more than 1100 referrals last year to primary care providers and community resources to help people make healthier choices and to reduce their need to use emergency services. As part of a pilot program, she was a passionate advocate for increasing care coordination across our health service area for patients living with complex conditions. In this pilot, CHSLV and Copley Hospital identified 29 “super users” of the emergency room and began looking at better ways to collaborate among case workers already working with the “super user.” These super users accounted for 4% of the total ER visits in the initial 90-day period; they accounted for only 1% in the second 90-day period. That represents a potential $144,300 in cost savings to the system due to a decrease in ER visits. After the third set of 90 days in the pilot, providers continued to see a decrease in the number of visits to the ER.

Couture graduated Cum Laude from Johnson State College in 2011 with a BA in Sociology and Anthropology. She began her career as a Social Worker with the Department for Children and Families. Dominique joined Community Health Services of Lamoille Valley (CHSLV) in 2017 as a medical social worker in a collaboration with Copley Hospital to address patients’ social determinants of health in the hospital’s Emergency Department (ED). In 2018, Couture joined Copley Hospital full-time on the hospital’s Patient and Family Services team and continues her work with patients throughout the hospital. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Clinical Social Work at Boston University.

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