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Copley Hospital Welcomes New Trustees Anne Watson Bongiorno, Deborah Pomeroy and Christopher Towne

January 29, 2020

Copley Trustees (pictured l to r) front row: Henry Binder and Jan Roy
second row: Joe Woodin, Jamey Ventura, Kathy Demars, Sharon Green, Chris Towne, Deborah Pomeroy and Carl Szlachetka
third row: David Silverman, Dan Noyes, Bob Bleimeister, Ira Marvin, David Bisbee, MD and Richard Westman.

Community leaders Anne Watson Bongiorno of Stowe, Deborah Pomeroy of Jeffersonville, and Christopher Towne of Morrisville were elected to the Board of Trustees during the January 13 Annual Meeting of Copley Health Systems, Inc.  The Trustees, representing communities served by Copley Hospital, volunteer their time to govern the not-for-profit community hospital, ensuring access to quality health care that meets the needs of our community. They join fellow Trustees Henry Binder, MD of Stowe, David Bisbee, MD of Hyde Park, Robert Bleimeister of Stowe, Kathy Demars of Morrisville, Walter Frame of Stowe, Sharon Green of Morrisville, Ira Marvin of Hyde Park, Dan Noyes of Wolcott, Jan Roy of Wolcott, David Silverman of Morrisville, Carl Szlachetka of Hyde Park, Jamey Ventura of Hyde Park, and Richard Westman of Cambridge.

Having served three, three-year terms and fulfilling their commitment to the Board, President and CEO Joseph Woodin recognized retiring Trustees Elaine (Lainie) Nichols of Stowe and Nancy Putnam of Jeffersonville.  While serving on the Board, both served as Board Chairs offering valuable leadership and commitment, as well as participated on a number of hospital committees.  In appreciation for their years of service, Woodin presented gifts to both stating, “On behalf of Copley, we extend our sincere thanks for your dedication and commitment to Copley, and wish you the best.”

Woodin also recognized Carl Szlachetka who has served as Board Chair for the past two years.  Board Chairs serve a two-year term, and at the conclusion of the Annual Meeting Szlachetka fulfilled his tenure.  “Carl has been an asset to Copley and we are pleased that he will remain an active member of our Board of Trustees. Carl joined the board in 2015, so we will benefit for several more years from the knowledge he has gained as Chair,” Woodin said.

Woodin then turned to address the full board expressing his gratitude for their thoughtful guidance and leadership, noting that he looks forward to working with the Board to ensure Copley continues to be a vital community resource.

Guest speaker Governor Phil Scott opened the meeting by sharing history on his connections to this community.  The Governor spoke of our state’s growing demographic crisis as it relates to sustainable growth. He shared his vision on how we can make Vermont more affordable for families and businesses, including the importance of financially stable hospitals and qualified staff to provide care for patients.  Following Governor Scott’s talk, the business meeting component of the evening began.

Anne Watson Bongiorno
Anne holds a Master of Science specializing in Population Based Health Care in Nursing, a Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing, and is a Board Certified Advance Nurse Specialist in Public Health Nursing as well as Certified Nurse Educator.  She is a local college professor in public health and nursing, and teaches at the State University of New York and Simmons College, Boston.  Presently she serves on Ethic Committees at Meadowbrook Healthcare and Champlain Valley Physician’s Hospital University Vermont Medical Center.  As a nurse researcher and public health advocate, and ethicist, Anne feels her experience and education will be an asset to Copley.  She resides in Stowe with her husband, Phil.

Deborah Pomeroy, Ed.D.
Deborah’s background is in teaching, specifically English and Science.  Her professional experience includes both International and US.  International consulting has included the coordination of US technical support to the Ministry of Education via the USAID Education Development Project, of which she continues to serve in this role, in Egypt.  From 2012-2017 she served as their Director STEM Integrated Curriculum Development.  She also served as Consultant Science Curriculum for the USAID Education Development Project in Bosnia Hirzagovena.

Deborah currently serves as Director of STEM Curriculum for the 21st Century Partnership for STEM Education and has served as Associate Professor Emerita since 2006 at Arcadia University in Glenside, Pennsylvania. Deborah knows the value of community hospitals and has great respect and admiration for Copley and its staff.


Christopher Towne
Chris was elected to the Board in September 2019 to fill a vacant position.  He grew up in Morrisville and has a Masters in Healthcare Administration from Champlain College.  He is currently the Director of Primary Care at Northern Counties Healthcare Inc. in St. Johnsbury.  Chris lives is Morristown and serves on the Board of Directors for Lamoille Home Health & Hospice.

During the meeting, Corporate Members also re-elected several trustees to serve additional terms.  Those elected to serve their third term as trustees were Walter Frame, David Silverman, and Jamey Ventura.

Frame, Executive Vice President at Trapp Family Lodge, was elected to the Board of Trustees in November 2012.  He currently serves on the Executive Committee and Member at Large.

Silverman is the President at Union Bank in Morrisville.  He previously served on the Community Health Services of Lamoille Valley Board.  David serves as Vice Chair of the executive Committee.

Ventura is the Associate Dean of Athletics, SHAPE and Recreation at Northern Vermont University.  He currently services on the Finance Committee as well as the Copley Foundation Committee.

Mary Paul (Pixie) Loomis of Hyde Park was elected by the membership to serve as Community Member at Large on the Governance Committee for a one-year term, a role she has held since 2012.  She currently serves on the Community Health Services of Lamoille Valley’s Board.

Following the annual meeting, the Board of Trustees met to elect officers for a two-year term. The following were elected to serve as the Board’s officers:  Kathy Demars, Chair; David Silverman, Vice Chair; Sharon Green, Secretary; Carl Szlachetka, Treasurer; and Walter Frame, Member at Large.

The Board of Trustees is the governing body that sets and ensures the implementation of Copley’s strategic direction. Because they are elected by the members, Trustees ensure that the community maintains its oversight and connection with Copley. In addition, Trustees hold the responsibility of approving or rejecting proposed changes, ensuring that the needs of community are always represented and remain at the forefront of policy and operational development.

Leadership, dedication and commitment. Copley Hospital and our community are fortunate to have such dedicated volunteers guiding our community hospital.