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Copley Celebrates National Healthcare Decision Day to Increase Awareness on Advance Care Planning

April 10, 2019

On April 16, in celebration of National Healthcare Decision Day (NHDD), members of the Copley’s Ethics Committee and Chaplain Alden Launder, encourages community members to take the time to plan for their future. From 8:15am – 2:00pm on April 16, Chaplain Launer and committee members will be in the main lobby with information about advanced care planning, also known as advanced directives. The team will be available for answering your questions and assisting with filling out the forms.

Advanced care planning includes documents such as health care directives,  living wills, health care power of attorney, and other legal tools to ensure your ability to express treatment preferences, even in cases where you are unable to, and that they are honored by health care providers.  It also tells providers who will be speaking on your behalf.

Health care decision-making is about planning for the future to ensure you receive the care and treatment you desire.  “By making the information available and answering questions, patients will be able to make informed decisions about their care and treatment to ensure their quality of life goals are met,” says Chaplain Launer.

All too often, people share their wishes with family, friends and health care providers during a casual conversation.  Unfortunately, there is more to the process than sharing your wishes at the dinner table.   Without legal documentation, family members may have to make decisions on your behalf that may not necessarily be the choice you want.  Advanced care planning forms are specific, and allow people to document their health care preferences.

Chaplain Launer encourages you to stop by the main lobby at Copley on April 16 to learn more about advanced care planning and to complete an Advanced Directive. The form is also available on Copley’s website at or you can visit the Vermont Ethics Network’s website at