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As We Approach Our 90th Anniversary

February 18, 2021

We have a long history of helping our neighbors. Now we’re hoping our neighbors can help us.

For the past 88 years, Copley Hospital has been an integral part of life here in the North Country. We have delivered your babies, patched their broken bones, helped your families recover from sickness, and provided end of life care for your loved ones. Our history…is truly Your history.

As our 90th anniversary approaches, we are looking for pieces of our history to display in our lobbies and waiting areas, and need our help. We are looking for old photos, antiques, medical equipment, news clips, furniture, maybe even a bill for medical care from 50 years ago…Anything related to Copley’s past.

Can you help? If you have a piece of Copley history in your house, consider letting us display it in ours. We’ll soon be celebrating our 90th anniversary. Together, let’s take a trip down memory lane!

If you’ve got something you’re willing to share, contact our Administration office at 888-8291.