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3D Technology Used for Custom Knee Implants at Copley

February 9, 2016

Bryan Huber, MD & Brian Aros, MD Use New Technology with Excellent Outcomes

Morrisville – Copley Hospital’s use of 3D technology to create custom fitted knee replacements was recently featured in a community newspaper. Orthopaedic surgeon Bryan Huber, MD, with Copley Hospital’s Mansfield Orthopaedics, was interviewed regarding the new knee implant that is custom-designed for each patient. Dr. Huber was the first surgeon in Vermont to use the implant, called the ConforMIS iTotal CR©. Dr. Huber and Dr. Brian Aros, also with Mansfield Orthopaedics, use the custom implant to treat patients with damage to all three compartments of the knee.

The procedure starts with a CT Scan of the patient’s knee that is converted into a 3D
representation of their knee. This virtual model is used to create an individualized implant, designed to mimic the natural shape of the patient’s femur and tibia. The unique shape of the knee affects how it moves when bending and flexing.

The implant’s personalized fit and restoration of anatomic alignment results in a knee that feels more like the patient’s natural knee. It takes about seven weeks for each custom implant to be created. Precise placement of the implant is made using new surgical technique.

“Because it is individually designed to conform precisely to the patient’s unique anatomy, patients are finding that it feels more like their natural knee,” said Dr. Huber. “Everyone is different, but the majority of patients are experiencing quicker recovery, less blood loss, less swelling, and, less pain than traditional knee replacements.”

Dr. Huber explains that there are a number of treatment options available for end stage knee arthritis. “We work with each patient to make sure they understand all of their options; including the benefits and the risks of each, so that they make an informed decision.”