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Copley Practices

Below is a list of practices and services whose doctors and providers are members of Copley’s medical staff.


Copley Hospital Medical Group
Ryan Austin, CRNA 888-8888
Joan Fox, CRNA 888-8888
Travis Knapp, CRNA 888-8888
Mirjam McCormack, MD 888-8888
Chris Rohan, MD 888-8888

Birthing Center      888-8304


Copley Hospital Medical Group Practice
Adam Kunin, MD  888-8372

Clinical Nutrition/Dietitian

Copley Hospital Practice
Rebecca Ainsworth, RD 888-8233

Dentistry - Pediatric

Birchwood Dental Associates
Murray Diner, DDS  334-6965

Diabetes Educator

Copley Hospital Wellness Center
Nancy Wagner, RD, CDE 888-8226

Emergency Medicine

Copley Hospital Medical Group
Jordice Corey, NP 888-8888
Liam Gannon, MD 888-8888
Jacqueline Goss, PA 888-8888
Patrick Heaghney, MD 888-8888
John Kaeding, MD 888-8888
Neil Nigro, MD 888-8888
Charles Osler, FNP 888-8888
Adam Putnam, MD 888-8888
Joseph Subasic, MD 888-8888
Daniel Wolfson, MD 888-8888


Independent Practice
Joel Silverstein, MD 888-3111

General Surgery

Green Mountain General Surgery
C. Dyeanne Racette, MD 888-2311
Brian Smale, MD 888-2311

Copley Hospital Medical Group
Patricia Jaqua, MD 888-8372


Independent Practice
Fred Rossman, MD  888-1966 *Gynecology Only

The Women's Center, a practice of Copley Hospital
Will Ellis, MD        888-8100
Anne Stohrer, MD 888-8100
Kipp Bovey, CNM 888-8100
Jackie Bromley, CNM  888-8100
Marjorie Kelso, CNM    888-8100

Hospitalist Program

Apogee Physician Practice
Robert Cochrane, MD  888-8173
Patrick Keith, MD  888-8173

Internal Medicine

Hardwick Health Center
Brendan Buckley, MD 472-3300

Independent Practices
Robert Kozub, MD 888-8888
Henry Southall, MD 888-5000


Neurology Clinic (CHSLV)
Jean Marie Prunty, MD 888-5688

Nurse Midwifery

The Women's Center
Kipp Bovey, CNM 888-8100
Jackie Bromley, CNM 888-8100
Marjorie Kelso, CNM 888-8100

Oncology & Cancer Care Program

FAHC/Copley Hospital Oncology Outreach Clinic
Susan Hooper, APRN  888-8372
Julie Jae Olin, MD 888-8372


Independent Practice
Mark Iverson, MD 888-7077


Independent Practice
David Garbutt, OD 888-3089

Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Mansfield Orthopaedics
Copley Hospital Practice
Brian Aros, MD           888-8405
Ryan Duffy, MD          888-8405
Laura Drenen, NP       888-8405
Nicole Ernst, PA-C      888-8405
Bryan Huber, MD         888-8405
Joseph McLaughlin, MD 888-8405
John Macy, MD            888-8405
Leah Morse, PA-C        888-8405
Saul Trevino, MD          888-8405
Nella Wennberg, PA-C  888-8405

Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose & Throat)

Independent Practice
Paul Julien, MD 334-9009

Pain Management

Independent Practice
Anne Vitaletti-Coughlin, MD 888-8392


Independent Practice
John Mech, MD 888-8340

Vermont Dermatolpathology
Catherine Antley, MD 658-6269


Ryder Brook Pediatrics
Sarayu Balu, MD 888-2448


Northern Vermont Center for Sleep Disorders
Veronika Jedlovszky, MD 888-8388


Vermont Radiologists
Richard Bennum, MD 888-8358
Hartley Neel, MD 888-8358
Candice Ortiz, MD 888-8358
Robert Smith, MD 888-8358

Diagnostic Imaging    888-8358

Copley Hospital Practice
(MRI/CT/Mammogram, etc.)

Rehabilitation Services

All Copley Practices
Copley Hospital     888-8303
Hardwick Physical Therapy  472-6186
Orthopedics Rehabilitation / Hand Therapy 888-8634
Copley Rehabilitation in Stowe  888-8634


Fletcher Allen Health Care Rheumatology
Nicole Hynes, MD 847-4574

Sleep Medicine

Northern Vermont Center for Sleep Disorders
David Alsobrook, MD 888-8388
Innocent Ezenwa, MD 888-8388
Veronika Jedlovszky, MD 888-8388
Elaine Robinson, NP 888-8388


Copley Hospital Medical Group Practice
Betsy Perez, MD 888-8372

Family Practices

Hardwick Health Center
Mark Lichtenstein, MD 472-3300
Sarah Morgan, MD 472-3300
Peter Sher, MD 472-3300

Johnson - Independent Practice
Paul Rogers, MD 635-7325
Christina Tourangeau, NP 635-7325

Morrisville Family Health Care (CHSLV)
Kim Bruno, MD 888-5639
Allison Christie, MD, MPH 888-5639
David Coddaire, MD 888-5639
Cheryl Holton, FNP 888-5639
Philip Kiely, MD 888-5639
Jane Roodenburg, FNP  888-5639
David Roy, MD 888-5639

Morrisville - Independent Practice
Gary Waring, MD 888-3096

Stowe Family Practice (CHSLV)
Sepi Bazel, MD 253-4853
David Bisbee, MD 253-4853
Jed Lowy, NP 253-4853
Katherine (Katie) Marvin, MD 253-4853
Robert Quinn, MD 253-4853
Melissa Volansky, MD 253-4853
Angela Winchell, FNP 253-4853

For a complete list of Copley’s medical staff or to search for a specific member of our medical staff click here to connect to our “Find a Physician” database. You may search by name, practice, specialty, or city in which the practice resides.

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